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Customs Logistics & Transit Services

Customs Logistics & Transit Services

Step into the world of streamlined global trade with our Customs Logistics & Transit Services. MTS is your dedicated partner in navigating the intricacies of customs procedures, ensuring a seamless and compliant movement of goods across borders.

What we offer

FERE and FERI Guidance

  • Fiche d’Entree en Recouvrement d’Enregistrement (FERE): Expert guidance for the preparation and submission of FERE documents to initiate the customs process.
  • Fiche d’Enregistrement et de Recouvrement d’Impôts (FERI): Assistance in obtaining FERI certificates, facilitating tax payment and customs clearance.

Certificates and Compliance

  • Import and Export Certificates: Our team ensures the procurement of all necessary certificates related to import and export, ensuring compliance with international trade regulations.

Customs Services - Import/Export

  • Expert Import and Export Handling: Trust MTS for efficient customs services, covering both import and export processes, ensuring smooth logistics and compliance.

Transport and Logistics Solutions

  • Efficient Supply Chain Management: We provide comprehensive transport and logistics solutions, optimizing your supply chain for cost-effective and timely deliveries.

Documentation Expertise

  • Customs Documentation Support: Navigate customs documentation with ease, as our experts assist in preparing and processing all necessary paperwork for seamless customs clearance.
About Us

Discover a partner committed to delivering seamless trade, services, and logistics solutions. From product sales and import/export expertise to comprehensive assistance and facilitation services, we ensure efficiency for your business operations.

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